Recognition for Student Art Show

First Place – ”Fall Meadow” by Cindi Berry

Second Place – “Reflections of a Peach” by Erin Moore Thiebert

Third Place – “Kitty” by Linda Garden

Honorable Mention – “Deep Down” by Gwendolyn Cohen

Honorable Mention – “Pop” by Robin Rosner

Beginner Class
First Place:
 “Looking Pretty” – Lilyrose Golden, age 8

Second Place: “Colors of the Night” – Elliott Dell ‘Atti, age 9

Honorable Mention:  “Question Mark” – William Wu, age 12

Intermediate Class
First Place: “Look Into My Eyes” – Olivia Fox, age 13

Second Place: “Color Study” – Grace DeLuca, age 16

Honorable Mention:  “Skulls & Roses” – Miriam Burch, age 12

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